We are close to the incomparable Costa Daurada , an emblematic coastline of the Mediterranean where we enjoy the mild and benign climate that seduced the Roman Empire. It is an ideal destination to enjoy with the family, as both the coast and the interior are rich in cultural, historical and natural heritage with a wide range of leisure and outdoor activities among landscapes of great beauty. Culture, history, nature… and gastronomy, the apex of a rich land full of life.

We are in Priorat, an agricultural region made up of twenty-three villages, with the capital in Falset. It is located at the North West limit of the Prelittoral range of which the Serra de Prades is a part, which opens in the direction of the Serra de Llaberia, splitting the region.

It is here that the two wine appellations that give the territory its reputation stand out; DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant.

DOQ Priorat

The Carthusian monks began cultivating vineyards in this region in the 12th Century. Since then, despite the low fertility of the land, the marked thermal fluctuations and the extremely dry climate, a high quality wine has been produced here.

This appellation groups together the municipalities of Bellmunt del Priorat, Gratallops, el Lloar, La Morera de Montsant, Poboleda, Porrera, Torroja del Priorat, Vilella Alta, Vilella Baixa and part of the towns of Falset and El Molar.

The wines are characterized by coming from a vintage with very low yields. This is due to the licorella soil, a slate-type stone, gray and rough, characteristic of the region.

They mainly make red wines, from the Carignan and Grenache varieties. They are dense, strong, bright and persistent.

The white wines are made with white grenache and macabeu, and are ripe and penetrating. Rosé, ranci and sweet wines are also produced here.

In general, Priorat wines go through a long fermentation. Those aged in oak are particularly appreciated.

DO Montsant

The Denomination of Origin Montsant was born in 2001 with the intention of grouping together the distinctive features of a series of wineries that already constituted a sub-zone of the Denomination of Origin Tarragona.

The climate of the area is continental, with significant temperature differences between day and night, a fact that particularly influences the ripening of the grapes. The varieties grown here are characterized by low yields and slow ripening. This characteristic has contributed to making the wines particularly appreciated worldwide.

They mainly produce red wines for aging – that is, they spend some time in barrel before being bottled – with primarily Grenache and Carignan grape varieties.

For white wines, the Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo varieties are preferably used. Liqueur wines such as mistelas, ranci wine and sweet wine are also made here.

The experience of tasting the wines in their place of production will allow you to understand how the Mediterranean, the sun and the varied landscape have influenced their body, their aroma and their taste. If you try the Priorat wines, you will appreciate the unique taste of the different terroirs

The Montsant , also a natural park, is a mountain range of great symbolism in the Tarragona region. Its striking orography, walled by cliffs and rocks of Oligocene conglomerates, shows the footprint of human activity linked to an important natural heritage, which brings together a high biological diversity. It is an ideal place for nature activities, hiking, photography, etc.

All the villages that are scattered around the sheltered places are interesting, but, to highlight some points, we can, for example, visit the interior of the old lead mine, Mina Eugènia, in Bellmunt del Priorat , or the towns of Torroja, La Morera de Montsant, Vilella Alta and Vilella Baixa (also called the New York of the Priorat due to its emblematic buildings that, depending on where you look at them, resemble a set of skyscrapers) , the Casa dels Frares de Gratallops, Cabassers and its Gothic altarpiece of Santa Maria and Ulldemolins with the Renaissance church, neighboring Cornudella de Montsant, or Albarca at the foot of Montsant, between the solana and the obaga of the mountain, of Muslim origin and linked to the legends and stories of Siurana, where the Romanesque apse of its church stands out.

Cornudella de Montsant is located in the north-east of the Priorat region, in the Siurana river valley and is the link between the Serra del Montsant and the Prades mountains. And don’t worry! Cornudella is protected by the hermitages of Sant Joan Petit and Sant Joan del Codolar, needless to say, located in places of unparalleled beauty.

Close by, however, we will find the town of Prades, located on a plateau about 950m above sea level and in the beautiful center of the Prades Mountains massif, between Camp de Tarragona, Conca de Barberà and Priorat. Its particular climatology refreshes the atmosphere and provides us with pure and captivating air that will free us from all that negative charge.

You will find routes suitable for both road and mountain bikes. Do not hesitate to ask for information about each of them as they adapt to all your needs. They are made with great attention to every detail, passing through those areas with a sensitive charm, challenging you with those mountain passes that provoke and excite you to cross.

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